Floor stickers, store, restaurant, carpet, die cut, cut-to-size2019-10-03T20:22:33+00:00

Project Description

floor stickers, store, restaurant, carpet

floor stickers, store, restaurant, carpet

Floor stickers, store, restaurant, carpet, die cut, cut-to-size

Floor stickers with your logo, name, branding, advertising and/or your own custom design. DIY. Design it Yourself. Apply it Yourself. Upload your design or design it online with our online designer. Select the number of pieces you need and design.

Your durable vinyl floor sticker is waterproof, anti-skid, UV resistant and easy removable. From small graphics to XL and XXL printed floor graphics.

Design of Floor Stickers

Your custom floor sticker can be used for advertising, art, company promo, directional, decor/decorative, educational, merchandising, marking and/or safety.

You can add the following creative elements to your unique DIY custom, arrows, borders, corners, galaxies, holes, images, letters, logos, wood, patterns, footprints, a waterfall and/or a zebra crossings.

Installation of Floor Stickers

Application of you unique floor sticker is quick and easy. You can install your vinyl floor sticker on tiles, carpet, hardwood, wood and stairs. For the most extensive and up-to-date information about the installation of your bespoke floor sticker go here.