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Additional Information

Shipping policy – Delivery of your order

  • We ship worldwide. (If you do not see your country on the checkout page, contact us by email.)
  • For express shipments with UPS or DHL, contact us by email. Additional surcharge express shipping UK from £ 22.00 and up.
  • Shipment will occur about 2 to 5 workdays after we receive your payment. (For faster production times contact us by email).
  • You will receive an automated email with a track and trace code.
  • Shipping costs are displayed during checkout in pounds excl. VAT. For example, NL £ 3.49, UK £ 14.99, BE/DE £ 4.99.
  • UK. Estimated shipping time to London is 3 working days (door-to-door), greater London area, generally 3 to 4 working days. Wales 4 working days. Scotland and Isle of man, around 4 to 5 working days, door-to-door. The northern islands generally 5 to 7 working days.
  • IE. Estimated shipping time to Ireland is 4 to 5 working days (door-to-door).
  • NL/BE. Generally delivery takes about 1 working day door-to-door (98% of the time). You will receive a PostNL track-and-trace e-mail. We advise you use their iOS/Android App to track your parcel.
  • DE. Delivery takes generally about 1 to 2 working days door-to-door.
  • Non-EU. Shipments to non-EU countries can be delayed due to customs. If this happens, it generally adds at least about 5 to 10 days.
  • Do NOT store the material in the box until use. After you have received your shipment, unroll the material as soon as possible.
  • Do NOT accept severely damaged packages. If you do (your order was damaged during shipping), we will not be able to give you a new replacement product, free of charge. Refuse to accept the shipment and make the delivery company mark the shipment as damaged. This will allow us to directly ship you a new product.
  • Do NOT give the shipping company permission to leave the package at your door, when you are not home. As you will no longer be insured against damages. If you do, we will not be able to give you a new replacement product, free of charge.
  • Black Friday, cyber Monday and Christmas can/will increase the door-to-door delivery times. Same goes for other holidays and pandemics.

Cancellation/Return/Refund policy

  • Make sure you order the right type of film in the correct size and shape with the correct design. If you have any questions just send us an email.
  • After placing your order, your order cannot be changed or cancelled.
  • EU. As we only make bespoke/custom/personalised products, you cannot return your order or receive a refund, in accordance with EU law.
  • UK.  No it is not possible to return our products, or receive a refund. As they are custom/bespoke products that are cut-to-shape/cut-to-size/custom-printed to the exact specifications of the customer. In accordance with UK law.
  • PayPal. PayPal refunds/returns do not apply to our custom made products. PayPal buyer protection policy does not cover purchases of custom made items LINK PDF (section 3.2).


You can pay for your order by

  • Bank transfer. Your order will go into production after we receive your payment on our international IBAN bank account. We will not charge an additional fee.
  • Credit/Debit Card (VISA, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Cartes Bancaires, CartaSi, etc.). We will not charge an additional fee.
  • PayPal. We will not charge an additional fee.

Cutting (window) film

  • Use a sharp Stanley knife/boxcutter and a metal anti-slip ruler, on top of the (window) film to protect the film from cutting inward into the (window) film itself. Press firmly on the ruler. Preferably a 2 men/women job. One cutting, one holding the ruler (a safety ruler, with a anti-slip back, works best).

Permanently removing (window) film

  • Use a heat gun (or something similar, the sun, portable infrared heater) to heat the vinyl itself during removal and you should be able to pull the vinyl and the adhesive from the window in one go. If the adhesive remains on the glass, doesn’t stick to the vinyl, you likely have to heat the vinyl to a higher temperature. More info here.

Privacy Policy

The information you provide us will only be used to process your order. We do not share any information with third-parties.

We do not send out any direct marketing, follow ups or other emails. We only send emails directly related to your order, payment, shipment and order status. Nothing else.

See our extensive privacy policy here.

Term and Conditions

See them here.