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How do I apply Wall Decals?

This webpage will teach you have to apply your custom wall decals. See our instructions and instruction videos below. Your wall decal will arrive in a sturdy box (pre-assembled with the transfer-tape already applied) with a squeegee (free of charge). Ready for you to apply the bespoke wall decal to your surface/wall.

Always, first read, our extensive general information here, before your start the application/installation of your wall decal.


Below you find installation instructions on how to apply custom wall decals yourself.

  • Always keep your wall decals flat so they do not bend/fold.
  • Make sure to not apply your custom decals in direct sunlight, make sure the temperature of the film, the wall/mounting-surface itself and the surrounding air, is -ideally- around 12 to 18 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is above 18 degrees we advise you to not apply your custom (wall) decal.
  • Extensively clean the wall/mounting-surface. Remove paint, grease and other dirt. If any is left behind, it will always be visible! Also be sure the paint is sufficiently dry (wait at least 2 to 3 weeks before installing large wall decals onto freshly painted walls). All water and solvents must have evaporated before installation.
  • Also clean the surrounding area. If you are applying you decal near the ceiling and/or the ground make sure they are also clean. Also be wear of flying insects and roaming pets.Use the freely supplied squeegee and card over the application-tape/transfer-tape on top of your bespoke (wall) decal to further increase the binding between the two. Use a flat surface, like a sturdy table.
  • Carefully, remove the backing paper away from the decal. When your wall decal contains cut-outs/letters/elements, be very careful when removing the backing paper, as to not tear the film itself, when parts of the wall decal remain stuck to the backing paper. Take your time, most mistakes occur here!
  • Apply your wall decal with the application-tape/transfer-tape to the wall/mounting-surface, position the bespoke decal at the preferred location.
  • You may want to use 2 or more people for this. 1 using the squeegee and 1 or to holding the wall decal. Get your supplied APPLYitYourself squeegee. Start in the middle/centre of the (wall) decal and move horizontal with overlapping movements towards the edge of the film. During which you hold the wall decal a couple centimetres (2 inches) above the wall/mounting-surface itself.
  • After application. Check to see if there is still any air trapped between the decal and the wall/mounting-surface itself. In the rare occasion that air is still trapped between the wall/mounting-surface and your bespoke decal. Gently push the air bubble to the edge of the decal. No need to use force. Or use a pinprick to burst the air bubble.
  • Allow the adhesive of your wall decal enough time to stick to the wall/mounting-surface. So that removing the application-tape/transfer-tape does not lift the film from the wall/mounting-surface. Remove the application-tape/transfer-tape after a couple of hours, 6 to 12 hours should be enough. If you have a non-smooth wall/mounting-surface, you may want to wait a bit longer.
  • If, when removing the application-tape/transfer-tape, you lift the (wall) decal from the wall/mounting-surface. Wait 24 to 48 hours before removing the application-tape/transfer-tape. You may want use card over the decal again to increase adhesion with the surface and/or use your finger to increase adhesion between the decal and the surface.
  • Take your time!

Photos of Wall and Window Decals.

Below you will find a number of photos of wall and window decals before and after they have been applied. With and without application-tape/transfer-tape (before application tape is applied to the decal).

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