How to. Removing film/vinyl with adhesive.

Our window films can always be easily removed without damaging the glass.

When removing film or vinyl with a removable or permanent adhesive, you want to do it in full direct sunlight (during application you do NOT what direct sunlight). So the film is as warm as possible, due to the fact of being pre-heated by the sun. In addition, you should use an infrared-heater/heat-gun to further increase the temperature of the film (mainly important for films with a permanent adhesive).

If warm enough the film should be easy to remove, while leaving little to no adhesive behind. If adhesive is left behind during removal of a permanent adhesive film, the film is likely not warm/hot enough. Increase the temperature of the vinyl/film during removal.

On a glass/hard surface, you can also cut the film in strips of 300 mm in width, to make the removal easier.

Static window cling

Static window cling does not have an adhesive, so removal should be a 1 second job. No tools are required.