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Applying reflective solar film (Solarfilm 7000 Silver)

Apply your solar film (reflective window film) quick and easy by following the steps below. First read our general instructions here.

The film reflects about 43% of the solar energy coming from the sun, absorbs about 35% of the energy. Leaving only a solar transmission of 22%. Total rejected solar energy is about 70%. UV transmission is about 1%. Light reflection about 45%.

  • The solar film is only suitable for wet application.
  • Apply the film only on the inside of a building/vehicle.
  • The film is suitable for installation on both single and double glazing windows. Clear glass only!

You will need the following tools. A water spray bottle, a glass scraper, a  window wiper, and some clear liquid soap.


  • Always keep your solar window film flat, so that is does not bend/fold/crease.
  • Add a very small amount of clear soup to the water inside your water spray bottle.
  • Spray the water onto the glass. Clean the window thoroughly. Remove paint, grease, silicone and other dirt with a glass scraper. If any is left behind, it will always be visible!
  • Also clean the surrounding area, like the window frame itself. If you are applying near the ceiling and/or the ground make sure they are also clean. Also be wear of flying insects. Lock up your pets.
  • Apply a nice large amount of water onto the glass itself. You may also want to apply water to the window frame to counter dust/dirt.
  • Remove the backing film to reveal the adhesive of your solar film. Use 2 pieces of tape on a corner of the film. One on each side of the film. This allows you to easily pull the transparent backing for the solar film. Revealing the adhesive.
  • Remove the entire backing from the film and position it correctly onto the glass. You may want to use 2 to 3 people for this is your are applying large window films.
  • After you have applied the film to the glass. Spray a nice large amount of water onto the film before you start using your window wiper.
  • DO NOT let the metal parts of your window wiper touch the film!
  • Use your window wiper and start at the top of the film. Wipe from the centre to the right and subsequently for the center to the left. Slowly with overlapping wipes move downward.
  • You may want to repeat this process to remove all the water and air between the film and the glass.
  • Check to see if there is still any air or water trapped between your reflective window film and the window itself. If air or water is still trapped between the window and the reflective window film. Gently push the air bubble or water to the edge of the window film (nearest part of the window not covered with window film). No need to use too much force.
  • Make sure all air bubbles and water are gone. Remove the remaining water around the applied film with a soft cloth.
  • Allow the adhesive enough time to stick to the window. Just leave the film alone for some time to allow the adhesive to do its job.
  • After application do not clean the window/film for at least 2 to 3 weeks.

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