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Stained Glass Window Film

Design your own. Apply your own. Custom/bespoke stained glass window film. High quality custom stained glass window film. Available on both frosted window film (giving you complete privacy(opaque)) or transparent window film both with a self adhesive. Or on transparent static window cling. Just upload your own design (as a .png, .svg, .eps, .ai or .jpg) in our online designer, and order it.

Have you seen a design you like to have on your own faux stained glass windows? Send us a email with the design(s), required dimensions and your other wishes. Similarly, are you looking for a large number of stained glass window films? Contact us directly by email.

We can supply you with every shape of faux custom stained glass window film (square, rectangular, round/circle, oval, octagon, etc.), you need. In any colour, blue, green, orange, red, yellow, etc., you need. In any theme/style, vintage (Edwardian, Irish, Victorian, medieval, art deco, art nouveau), modern, religious (Christian, Catholic, Islamic, etc.), Gothic,  rustic, realistic, fairy-tails, tropical, etc., you need. Faux stained glass window film, made-to-measure, cut-to-size in any size (small, large, XL, XXL).

Stained glass print on frosted window film (2)

Below you will find a number of photos of frosted window film with a modern stained glass print. With the window film on the front and on the back of the window.

Stained glass print on transparent window film (3)

Below you will find a number of photos of transparent window film with a classic stained glass print. With the window film on the front and on the back of the window.

Shipping Stained Glass Window Film

We ship world-wide. UK (London), Wales, Scotland, Ireland, US, Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth), Canada (Toronto), South-Africa, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Dubai, Vienna, etc.. More info here.

Stained Glass Window Film Examples

Below you will find a number of examples you can use to inspire your own custom stained glass window film design.

Stained Glass Window Film

Both frosted window film (2) or transparent window film (3) are often used as basis material for stained glass prints. These stained glass window prints on frosted window film (2) can also be combined with cut outs. Thus still giving additional privacy. Both window film types can be used on the inside and outside, are of high quality and allow for easy installation, due to their bubble free nature.

Design custom printed frosted window film

Printed Frosted Window Film (2)

Frosted Window Film (Printed) (2). Design it yourself just like you want it. Enter the dimensions and you will directly see the price. Upload your own images and designs and/or use our online texts and designs. Everything is possible. Printed frosted window films provide you with privacy, colourful images and light. Start designing your own unique frosted window film with print here.

Design custom transparent window film

Transparent Window Film (3)

Design it yourself. Apply it yourself. Enter the dimensions of your transparent window film and you will directly see the price. Upload your own designs and/or images. Or use ours. Everything is possible. With a transparent window film, objects on the other-side of the window film remain visible. Quick and easily design your own unique transparent window film here.

Start designing window cling

Window Cling (4)

Window Cling (4). Design your own unique window cling and apply it yourself. Your design can be printed on both transparant and/or white window cling. Cut to any size and shape. Enter the dimensions in our online designer and you will directly see the price. Upload your own finished designs, or use our online designer. Everything is possible. Start designing your own custom window cling right here, or send us your finished designs by email.

Design it Yourself

Stained Glass Window Film Photos

Below you will find a large number of photos from window films with stained glass prints. You can use these to inspire your own personalized stained glass window film design.



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