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Contact window films

If you want additional information or a quote regarding your window films, please send an e-mail to Together with your wishes and designs/files/images. If you can answer the questions below we should be able to help you directly.

  • The number of films you require?
  • What is/are the dimension(s) of the required films in millimetres?
  • Do you want rectangular films or cut-to-shape (i.e., non-rectangular) films?
  • Which types of films do you require?
    1. Frosted window film cut
    2. Printed frosted window film
    3. Transparent window film
    4. Window cling film in white or transparant  (can only be applied indoors)
    5. Window Decal (please specify which colour you require)
    6. Window sticker
    7. One-way vision window film (can only be applied to the outside of the glass)
    8. Two-way vision window film (perforated frosted window film)
  • Do you want the window film to block light? (Yes/No/Not relevant)
  • Do you want the window film to give to privacy? (Yes/No/Not relevant)
  • Do you want to apply the window film on the inside or outside of the glass (indoors or outdoors) ?
  • Do you want to use the film for a short period (up-to one year) or a longer period (2 years or longer)?
  • Is the film going to be exposed to weather and/or chemicals?
  • Or is the film going to be applied in a high traffic area, vandalism prone area and/or within the reach of small children?