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Window Stickers

Bespoke window stickers. Design your own custom window sticker and apply it yourself.  Quick and easy with our online designer. Or just email us you own personalised window sticker design, for a made-to-measure and/or cut-to-shape custom design. Window stickers are very opaque (block light).

Your own bespoke window stickers will perfectly fit with your business (office, shop, restaurant) and/or personal (home, nursery, etc.) needs. Add your own name, logo, patterns, design, texts, lettering, house number, family crests, etc. to your personalised window sticker. Cut-to-size and cut-to-shape.

1. Enter the required dimensions

2. Design it Yourself

3. Apply it Yourself

Design it yourself. Design it to perfectly fit with your house, business, architecture, brand or corporate image. Our made to measure window sticker solutions are made of high quality vinyl and will arrive pre-assembled in a sturdy box. Ready for application, no additional work is required.

Apply it yourself. Easy application. Due to the high quality and bubble free characteristics of our vinyl, it is easy to apply yourself. Our window stickers can be applied to both the inside and outside of the window. The backside of the window sticker is white/grey. Watch our informative instruction films  and read the information and instructions to quickly learn how to apply the window sticker yourself.

Window Stickers. Design it Yourself. Apply it Yourself.

  • window sticker (6) logo, brand, large, window Decals (5) white
  • window sticker (6) logo, large, cut to shape
  • window stickers (6) logo, corporate identity, storefront
  • window sticker (6) tree, large, cut to shape
  • window stickers, branding, logo, with text, small, cut-to-shape
  • window sticker (6) logo, brand, medium, cut to shape
  • window stickers, branding, logo, small, cut-to-shape

Above you find a number of example of custom/bespoke/unique window stickers. You can quickly and easily make your own window sticker with our online designer. Our window films are cut to size and you can apply it to the inside or outside of your windows, to create the desired effect you need. Our made to measure custom/personalised/bespoke window sticker solutions, are made from high quality vinyl. Providing you with years of enjoyment.

A. Design it Yourself. Window Stickers

Below you will find our online designer, which you can use to design your own unique/custom window sticker. We advise you to use a PC/MAC or a tablet in landscape mode when using our online design software. Enter the required dimensions in mm. We advise you to read the instructions below the designer. And subsequently watch our instruction video below the instructions. On how to design your own personalised/bespoke window sticker.

Price below is excl. discount & VAT.
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Price: $

Design your own custom/personalised window sticker, cut-to-size, to perfectly fit your personal and/or business needs. Upload your own design and/or use one of ours. everything is possible. Simply use our online design software to design your own unique/bespoke window sticker. You could also use your own software. For example Adobe Illustrator, Coral DRAW or opensource Inkscape. And send us your window sticker design by email.

Designing your custom Window Sticker

  • Measure the size of the window glass. We advise you to subtract both 10 mm from the length and 10 mm from the height of this measurement. For a good and easy fit of your own unique window sticker.
  • Enter the size in millimetres into the online designer, say 500 x 500 mm. Maximum size 1320 x 3500 mm or 3500 x 1320 mm. If you are looking for larger window stickers. Please contact us by email. Also, if you are looking for a non-rectangular (cut-to-shape) design? Send us an e-mail with your window sticker wishes.
  • Select the material you want. A standard vinyl window sticker (non-laminated) for inside use or a couple of years outside. For long term outside use, we advise a laminated window sticker. If you want to apply it on the inside of the window (readable on the outside) you can select vinyl “window sticker mirror image.”
  • Do you already have a design? Or are looking for a specific cut-to-shape? Please contact us directly by email and attach your .ai/.eps/.pdf design. Similarly if you are looking for a large number of window stickers, contact us directly by email.
  • If you require non-western texts (Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Sanskrit, etc.) please contact us by email with your design.
  • Make sure you are using a recent version of a modern browser like (Chrome, Safari, FireFox or Edge) without add-ons/extentions/plug-ins, like ad-block, no-script or ghostery or proxies that block certain domains.

There are thus 3 options. (1) A rectangular window sticker with your design on it and a (white) background. (2) A cut-to-shape design with a (white) border around the design. And (3) A cut-to-shape design without anything around the design. For the last 2 options contact us directly by email. All 3 can be ordered as a reverse window sticker.

  • reverse window sticker, logo, large, school
  • reverse window sticker, logo, large, school, backside, back
  • reverse window stickers, logo, large, school
  • window sticker, logo, with white border, cut-to-shape
  • window sticker, corporate, logo, cut-to-shape
  • window sticker, corporate, logo, branding, with white background
  • reversed window sticker, logo, backside
  • window sticker, corporate, name, logo, large, cut-to-shape
  • window sticker, animals, branding, cut-to-shape

Instruction video – How to design bespoke Window Stickers

Below you will find an instruction video on how to use our online designer in order to design your own unique and bespoke window sticker.

  • Enter your texts. Reposition it at the required location. Change text alignment. Change font size and/or change font.
  • You can add additional texts to your window film with the “add textarea” button. Flip texts and objects both horizontal and vertical. Add and rotate objects and/or texts on your custom window sticker.
  • With the “copy button” you can copy objects and texts. When one layer is in front of the other, you can move them forward and backward.
  • When you are finished with your bespoke window sticker design, add it to your cart. Select “OK” to go to the payment page or “cancel” to design another window film.
  • Select your country and calculate the shipping costs. Enter your email address and your billing and shipping details. Select your payment method of choice and pay. Shipment will occur in 3-5 working days.

Material info of Window stickers (Prints on white window film)

  • Water and weather resistant

  • High Quality 

  • Long durability

  • Easy to apply without bubbles

  • Suitable for insulated glazing

  • Provides complete privacy

  • Blocks visible light

  • Eliminate glare from the sun

  • Blocks 99% of UV light

  • Anti-shatter

  • Easy to remove

  • Does not damage the glass

The window sticker is weather and water resistant. The material itself blocks light (the material itself is largely opaque). Window stickers are generally applied on the outside of the window. This is the most visible film for your logo.

This material blocks about 90% of incoming light. Thus this window film can be used to reduce heat and glare from the sun inside buildings and vehicles. In addition, it provides privacy. They can be cut-to-shape (contact us by email). The back of the material is white/grey. Only apply window stickers on a flat and smooth glass surfaces.

In the online designer you can select 3 types of window sticker;

1. Window stickers without a laminate. Good for indoor use (no/little exposure to UV), or outdoor use for a couple of years.

2. Window stickers with a laminate. Suitable for long term outdoor use. And/or for locations with extensive UV exposure. And/or for extra scratch resistance (for use in high traffic areas).

3. A reverse window sticker (Window sticker mirror-image) for if you want to apply the window sticker on the inside (texts etc. readable on the outside).

For example, you could add the following elements to your custom/unique/personalised/bespoke window sticker:

Custom Window Stickers

  • Birds

  • Borders

  • Circles

  • Custom Designs

  • Decorative figures

  • Door numbers

  • Flowers

  • Family crest

Bespoke Window Stickers

  • House number

  • Logo

  • Lettering

  • Numbers

  • Patterns

  • Stars

  • Signs

  • Texts

B. Apply it Yourself. Custom Window Stickers

Your window sticker will arrive in a sturdy box (pre-assembled) with a squeegee (free of charge). Ready for you to apply your custom window sticker to your window(s). No water is required during the application of the bubble free window sticker. Always check out the latest information about the application of window stickers, here.

How to apply window stickers (bubble-free)?

Below you find instructions on how to apply your bespoke window window. You have been supplied with bubble free window stickers. So you do not need to use any water.

  • Read the instructions supplied with your window sticker(s). Always keep your window stickers flat so that they do not bend/fold.
  • Make sure to not apply window sticker in direct sunlight, make sure the temperature of the window sticker, the window it self and the surrounding air is -ideally- around 12 to 18 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is above 18 degrees we advise you to apply the window sticker during the early mornings or after sundown.
  • Clean the window thoroughly. Remove paint, grease and other dirt. If any is left behind, it will always be visible!
  • Also clean the surrounding area, like the window frame itself. If you are applying near the ceiling and/or the ground make sure they are also clean. Also be wear of flying insects.
  • Use the supplied squeegee and card over the application-tape on the front of the window sticker to further increase the binding between the two.  Use a flat surface, like a table.
  • Remove the backing paper. Carefully.
  • You are supplied with bubble free window sticker. So no water is required.
  • Apply the window sticker with the application-tape to the window, position it at the preferred location.
  • Use your supplied free squeegee. Start in the middle/centre of the window sticker and move horizontal with overlapping movements towards the edge of the window sticker. During which you hold the window sticker a couple centimetres (2 inches) above the window/mirror itself. Use 2 people!
  • Check to see if there is still any air trapped between the window sticker and the window itself. In the rare occasion that air is still trapped between the window and the window sticker. Gently push the air bubble to the edge of the window sticker (nearest part of the window not covered with window film). No need to use force. If you do not succeed without using force use a pinprick to burst the air bubble.
  • Allow the adhesive enough time to stick to the window. So that removing the application tape does not lift the window sticker from the surface/window/mirror. Remove the application tape after a couple of hours, 6 to 12 hours should be enough.
  • If, when removing the application tape, you lift the window sticker from the window glass. Wait 24 to 48 hours before removing the application tape.

Due to the high quality characteristics of our bubble-free window stickers, our window stickers can be applied in almost every location, knowingly;

Due to the high quality characteristics of our bubble-free window stickers, our window stickers can be applied in almost every location, knowingly;

APPLY it Yourself

  • Bathroom

  • (Children’s) bedroom

  • External, Exterior

  • Front door

  • French doors

  • Internal, Interior

  • Living Room

APPLY it Yourself

  • Kitchen

  • Nursery

  • Office

  • Restaurant

  • Shop

  • Shower doors

  • Store

C. Examples of personalised/unique Window Stickers

Bespoke window stickers for the offices or personalised window films for the front door with family name and house number. Custom window stickers also provide privacy for conference rooms.

With our custom bubble-free window stickers, APPLY it Yourself provides you with numerous advantages:

APPLY it Yourself

  • A Unique Design

  • A Website Full of Usefull Ideas

  • Cut to Shape

  • Cut to Size

  • Do it Yourself (DIY) Design & Application

  • Easy to Follow Instructions

APPLY it Yourself

  • Easy Bubble Free Application

  • High Quality External Window Stickers

  • Made to Measure

  • Numerous “How to Apply” Videos to Guide You

  • Unlimited Decorative Possibilities

  • Will arrive Pre-assembled, Ready for Installation

Below you will see a large number of different possibilities. Examples and custom and bespoke window stickers, with logos and texts. Cut to size and/or cut to shape. You will find more examples of bespoke/personalised decorative/informative window stickers here.

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