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Project Description

floor decal, opening, new, shop

floor decal, opening, new, shop

Floor decal, opening, new, shop

Custom floor decals. Design it Yourself. Apply it Yourself. Design your own unique vinyl printed custom removable (temporary/reusable/repositionable) floor decal (solution/signage/stickers). cut-to-shape (die cut) into almost any shape and size. Design your new mockup of your floor decal easily online with our designer. Buy quality cheap floor decals with your logo and/or with your name on it. School logo, sports logo, quotes, retail communications,

Quick quotes, quick turnaround and quick delivery of your custom floor decal. For express shipments contact us directly by email.

Designing Floor Decals

A floor decal cannot contain anything smaller than 50mm. Lines need at least a width of 50mm. A dot (the smallest possible object) need to be at least 50×50 mm. In addition, floor decals cannot contain shape edges (i.e., spikes, pointy lines, etc.). Edges need to be very curved, shaped like a circle, snowman, dog-paw, etc. As this will maximise the durability and longevity of your unique custom durable floor decal.

Small, large, XXL floor decals everything is possible. Your floor decal can be printed to sizes of about 1300x3500mm from one piece. For larger and/or complex floor signage designs contact us directly by email.

You can add the following elements to your bespoke floor graphic; alphabet, numbers, dots, graffiti, race track, hopscotch, hearts, qr codes, basically anything.

Installation of Floor Decals

Your unique removable custom floor decal is easy to install and remove. Go here for floor decal installation instructions. Make your you thoroughly clean the mounting surface, well before installation.

Delivery of Floor Decals

We deliver world wide. Fast and express international shipments of your DIY floor decals.

Project Details

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