How do I apply frosted window cling?2022-07-05T14:16:55+00:00

How do I apply frosted window cling (R10)?

Always, first read, our extensive general information here.

Use the supplied squeegee during application. The white and transparent cling can easily be removed from their paper backing. For the frosted window cling we suggest using two pieces of painters tape, one piece on the front of the frosted window cling and one piece on the transparent backing.

Both the white and transparent window cling sticks to the glass with both sides of the film. The frosted window cling only this with the flat/backside (the side that is exposed after removing the transparent backing) to the glass.

Some general information about how to apply window film

  • Make sure to not apply window film in direct sunlight, make sure the temperature of the window film, the window itself and the surrounding air is -ideally- around 12 to 18 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is above 18 degrees we advise you to apply the window film during the early mornings or after sundown.
  • Use 2 or more people when applying your frosted window film. One holding the top/left of the film and one holding the bottom/right to position the window film correctly. Subsequently, during application one holds the film a couple of centimetres above the surface, while the other cards with the squeegee, starting in the centre of the frosted window film.
  • Extensively clean the window and the surrounding area, including you work environment. Clean it of durst, dirt, flies, spiders. Watch out for your fingerprint on the window glass itself.

Use your water spray bottle to apply a small amount of water onto the glass itself. You may also want to apply water to the window frame to counter dust/dirt. If droplets start running across the glass you have used too much water.

Use 2 or more people. Apply the window cling to the glass and position the cling at the preferred location. One person holds the top/left of the window cling and the other person holds the bottom/right of the window cling, to position the window cling correctly.
Start in the centre/middle of the window cling and card, using your squeegee, towards the edge of the window cling. Move with horizontal or vertical overlapping movements towards the edge of the window cling.

Always pull the window cling outward, to make sure the window cling is completely flat on the glass, before carding over the film with your squeegee. Always start at the centre/hart of the cling.

Repeat this to the opposite side of the window cling. Again starting in de middle/centre of the cling and working your way outward.