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Project Description

window stickers, branding, forest, trees, store-front, privacy

window stickers, branding, forest, trees, store-front, privacy

Window stickers, branding, forest, trees, storefront, privacy

Bespoke window stickers with your logo. Make them quick and easy with our online designer. Make your own custom rectangular made-to-measure window stickers with our online designer. If you are looking for cut-to-shape window stickers with your logo (with or without an white border). Contact us directly by email. See email address on the top of this website.

There are thus 3 options. (1) A rectangular window sticker with your design on it and a (white) background. (2) A cut-to-shape design with a (white) border around the design. And (3) A cut-to-shape design without anything around the design. All 3 can be ordered as a reverse window sticker. For the last 2 options contact us directly by email.

The window sticker is water and weather resistant. The window sticker itself blocks light (the material itself is largely opaque). Window stickers blocks about 90% of incoming light. Thus this window film can be used to reduce heat and glare from the sun inside buildings and vehicles. In addition, it provides privacy. If you do not want the window sticker to block the incoming light you can use a custom frosted window film.

We ship your window stickers worldwide. Shipment of your window sticker will occur within 2 to 5 workdays after we receive your payment.

Window stickers, design it yourself

Measure the size of the window glass (if the window sticker is it fit the entire window/glass panel). We advise you to subtract both 10 mm from the length and 10 mm from the height of this measurement. For a good and easy fit of your own unique window sticker.

Make your design 1:1. Use mm as the measurement unit. Everything, that needs to be cut-to-shape, needs to consist of vectors. Nothing smaller than 3mm. Lines need at least a width of 3mm. A dot (the smallest possible object) need to be at least 3×3 mm.

We advise a minimum resolution of 3×3 pixels per square mm (75 dpi). Or 3000×3000 pixels per square meter (1000×1000 mm) for images/photo that are to be printed on the window sticker.

For more information about our design specifications see this webpage.

Window stickers, easy application

Easy application. Due to the high quality and bubble free characteristics of our window stickers, they are easy to apply yourself. Our window stickers can be applied to both the inside (reverse window sticker) and outside of the window. The backside of the window sticker is white. Watch our informative instruction films and read the general and product specific information and instructions. To quickly learn how to correctly apply the window sticker yourself.

Your window sticker will arrive in a sturdy box (pre assembled) with a squeegee (free of charge). Ready for you to apply the window stickers to your window(s). No water is required during the application of the bubble free window sticker.

Do NOT accept severely damaged packages. After you have received your window stickers, unroll the material as soon as possible. Do NOT store the window stickers in the box until use. Always keep your window sticker flat so that is does not bend/fold.