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Project Description

wall sticker, large, hallway, gloss finish

wall sticker, large, hallway, gloss finish

Wall sticker, large, hallway, gloss finish

Custom wall sticker, large or small, in any shape you require. Fast and easy. Design it yourself with our online designer. Your own custom wall sticker with your logo, name, quote, image, etc..

Do it Yourself (DIY) design & application with easy to follow online instructions and instruction videos. Our custom wall stickers allow for easy bubble free application with unlimited decorative possibilities. Your bespoke wall stickers will arrive pre-assembled, with free squeegee, ready for installation. No additional tools required.

Design it yourself – Wall Stickers

Design your custom wall sticker to perfectly fit with your house, business, architecture, brand or corporate image. For cut-to-shape designs onto walls. Nothing smaller than 5mm. Lines need at least a width of 5mm. A dot (the smallest possible object) need to be at least 5×5 mm.

Our made to measure frosted window film solution are made of high quality vinyl and will arrive pre-assembled in a sturdy box. Ready for application, no additional work is required.

Maximum size 1520 x 3500 mm or 3500 x 1520 mm. If you are looking for larger wall films. Or cut-to-shape wall films. Please contact us by email.

Apply it yourself – Wall Stickers

Easy application. Due to the high quality and bubble free characteristics of our vinyl, it is easy to apply yourself. Our wall stickers can be applied to both indoor and outdoor walls. Watch our informative instruction films to quickly learn how to apply your bespoke wall sticker yourself.

Make sure to not apply your bespoke wall sticker in direct sunlight, make sure the temperature of the wall sticker, the wall itself and the surrounding air is -ideally- around 12 to 18 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is above 18 degrees, wait with installation.

Only apply your custom wall sticker on normal, flat, solid and smooth surfaces. Like metal (Aluminium, DiBond/ACP, (stainless) steel) non-oil releasing plastics (Acrylic, PVC/Forex, Trespa/HPL) and smooth wood (laminated wood/hardboard). When applying in a wet/outdoor environment the surface needs to be solid (i.e., does not absorb water/liquids).