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Project Description

wall sticker, custom, large, black white print

wall sticker, custom, large, black white print

Wall sticker, custom, large, black white print

Bespoke wall stickers for your home or business. Made-to-measure. Cut-to-shape. Almost anything is possible. Design it yourself with our online designer. Or email us your designs. Add your own bespoke advertising/branding, design, name, logo, street number, images, quote’s, lettering, family crests, etc.. to your your bespoke wall sticker, to design and create the perfect fit with your needs.

Wall Stickers – Design it yourself

Design your bespoke wall sticker to perfectly fit with your house, business, architecture, brand and/or corporate image. Our made to measure bespoke wall stickers are made of high quality vinyl and will arrive pre-assembled in a sturdy box. Cut-to-size, with application-tape on top, ready for application, no additional work is required. Just use your supplied free squeegee.

More information about designing your own bespoke wall sticker using your own software, see here.

Wall Stickers – Apply it yourself

Due to the high quality and bubble free characteristics of our wall films, it is easy to apply yourself. Our bespoke window stickers can be applied to both indoor and outdoor walls. Watch our informative instruction films to quickly learn how to apply your bespoke wall sticker yourself.

Use your supplied free squeegee. Start in the middle/centre of bespoke wall sticker and move horizontal with overlapping movements towards the edge of your bespoke wall sticker. During which you hold the wall film a couple centimetres (2 inches) above the surface itself.

Project Details

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