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Project Description

wall mural, textile prints, cut-to-shape

wall mural, textile prints, cut-to-shape

Wall mural, textile prints, cut-to-shape

Custom wall murals will be printed on a beautiful luxurious woven sticky textile. Ready of application. No tools required. Just use your hands. Your own custom wall mural will perfectly fit with your business or personal needs.

Design it yourself – Wall Murals

Design it yourself, quick and easy with our online designer. Or just email us your own custom wall mural design, for a cut-to-shape (i.e., non-rectangular) custom wall mural design or if you require multiple/large wall murals.

Apply it yourself – Wall Murals

Your wall custom wall mural will arrive pre-assembled. Ready for application. No tools required. Thus, your wall mural is very easy to install.

See our written instructions and watch our instruction videos. Always, first read, our extensive general information here, before your start the application/installation of your custom wall mural (sticky textile (A)).