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wall, decal, large, graffiti, toilet, white

wall, decal, large, graffiti, toilet, white

Wall, decal, large, graffiti, toilet, white

Bespoke decals for on walls, windows, car, boats etc. APPLYitYourself can supply you with all. In almost any shape and size. You can easily design your own custom decals online with our online designer. Or if you already have a design, just upload your design in our online designer.

Decals can be used on windows, walls or tiles as branding, advertising, or decoration. Our wall decals are water- and weather resistant. Of high quality to give you long (outdoor) durability.

Custom Wall Decals. Design it Yourself.

When designing your own custom wall decals with your own software. For example Adobe Illustrator, Coral DRAW or opensource Inkscape. Please follow the design specifications. Maximum size is about 1180 x 3500 mm or 3500 x 1180 mm. If you are looking for a very large number of decals or very large decals. Contact us directly. Either by email or the contactform at the top of this website.

Most decals use only one color. If you want to use multiple colours and/or very complex wall decals. Contact us directly. Wall decals were originally only used for sign making, but wall decals have recently been added to interior decorators portfolios and have become a well known business and home decorating option.

Custom Wall Decals. Apply it Yourself.

The wall decals are easy to apply yourself. Just follow our online instructions and watch our online instruction videos. Your custom wall decal is easy to apply without bubbles and comes with transfer tape applied and with a free squeegee. Ready for application.

Extensively clean the mounting surface and the surrounding area, including you work environment. Use the supplied squeegee and card over the application-tape on the front of the wall decal to further increase the binding between the two layers. Use a flat smooth surface when doing this, like a table.


APPLYitYourself is part of a family run business established in 1973. APPLYitYourself is located about 200 miles east of London in Boskoop, The Netherlands. At our 900 m2 location in Boskoop we have a large number of highly skilled people and an array of machines and materials to fulfil your every sign, sticker, decal and film need. Custom made products to perfectly fit your business and/or personal needs.

High quality products, fast worldwide shipping. We specialise in custom window and wall signs, stickers, decals and films with long outdoor durability. For both at the office and at home. Since 2007, APPLYitYourself has been selling products worldwide. We sell to private individuals, small, medium and large sized business, multinationals, nonprofits and government departments and agencies.