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Project Description

one-way vision, store, privacy film

one-way vision, store, privacy film

One-way vision, store, privacy film

The bespoke/custom one-way vision film is easy to apply yourself. You can also design it quick and simple online with our online designer.

Designing one-way vision window film

When designing one-way vision window films. Generally, a very vibrant/busy/intense design will provide the best one-way vision effect. As it will be harder for people to look through the material/design into the space behind the film. Due to the fact that 40% of this material consists of holes, you may want to increase the vibrancy of your design by 40%, to compensate for the lack of material/surface (if the film is for advertising/branding purposes). The back of this material is black. If you want the design to be visible on both sides, the two-way vision window film may be an option.

Measure the size of the window glass. We advise you to subtract both 10 mm from the length and 10 mm from the height of this measurement (if you want to apply a the perforated window film across the entire window/glass). For a quick, good and easy fit.

For a non-rectangular designs (i.e., cut-to-shape designs) contact us directly by email with your window film designs.

One-way vision film blocks about 50% of incoming light. Gives only partial privacy, for complete privacy (bathrooms, doctor’s office, etc.) we advise you to use of our frosted window film. This film gives complete privacy 24/7.

We ship worldwide.

Installing one-way vision window film

Easy application. Our made to measure (i.e, cut-to-size, cut-to-shape) perforated window film solutions are made of high quality vinyl and will arrive pre-assembled in a sturdy box. With a free felt squeegee. Ready for application, no additional work is required. Due to the high quality and bubble free characteristics of our vinyl, it is easy to apply yourself.

For more information about installing the perforated film yourself see our general instructions, product specific instructions and instruction videos. Make sure to thoroughly clear the glass with a window scraper!