Frosted window film cut (1), custom, design, pictograms, and, texts, on frosted, window, film2018-05-28T16:02:59+00:00

Project Description

Frosted window film cut (1), custom, design, pictograms, and, texts, on frosted, window, film

Frosted window film cut (1), custom, design, pictograms, and, texts, on frosted, window, film

Custom frosted window film (1) with texts and pictographs

Design your own custom frosted window film in our online designer, or upload your own design. On our frosted window film cut web-page. Do you want a similar design to what is displayed on this page? Send us an email with your wishes, window dimensions and your design/logo files. The films can be cut-to-shape, (i.e., non-rectangular shape). You can design your films to cover both sides of the glass. Or your design can cover both glass and non-glass walls, using multiple different types of film. If you need any help? Just send us an email with your questions.

The frosted window film is water- and weather-resistant. The frosted glass vinyl is a high quality, long durability film. The film blocks about 80% of UV light, but little to no visible light. The film is also anti-shatter as it keeps the glass together after it breaks. The film is also easy to remove (use a heat-gun during removal) and does not damage the glass.

Applying your own bespoke window film design is easy. Your window film will arrive in a sturdy box (pre-assembled) with a squeegee (free of charge). Ready for you to apply the frosted window film to your window(s).  Just follow the general and film specific instructions and instruction films online on our website. And you are ready to go. Use 2 or more people. One holding the top/left, one holding the bottom/right to position the window film. During application one holds the film above the surface, while the other cards with the squeegee.

The frosted window film provides privacy. But does not block incoming light. Glass walls can be completely or partially covered with frosted window film (also suitable for application on insulated glazing). Logo, branding, texts, pictographs and abstract patterns (using squares, triangles, circles, lines, etc.) are most commonly used to cut away from the frosted film. The design can vary giving you different levels of privacy/opacity. Thus, giving you complete control over the desired level of privacy for each room.

For cut-to-shape designs contact us directly by email. We are specialised in custom window films for the English and Dutch speaking markets. For both consumers and businesses. We ship worldwide. If you already have a finished design, in the right dimensions, of all your bespoke custom frosted window films. Send use an email.

For an overview of the different types of window film you can use for your custom window film design see our window film type overview page.