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Project Description

floor stickers, carpet, square, rectangular

floor stickers, carpet, square, rectangular

Floor stickers, carpet, square, rectangular, custom, bespoke

Floor stickers with your logo, name, branding, advertising and/or your own custom design. DIY. Design it Yourself. Apply it Yourself. Upload your own custom DIY design/mock-up or design it online with our online designer. Select the number of pieces you need and design your bespoke printed floor sticker.

Creative bespoke floor stickers perfectly suited to creating a powerful visual identity on an unusual canvas. Bespoke floor stickers are innovative, eye-catching and durable. Even allowing for application to difficult surfaces. Design your own creative vinyl to perfectly fit with your business (office, shop, restaurant, trade-show events, POP Signage, etc.) and/or personal (home, kids bedroom, nursery, etc.) needs. Custom floor stickers are ideal for a powerful and cost-effective way to make a lasting impression.

Your durable vinyl floor sticker is waterproof, anti-skid, UV resistant and easy removable. From small graphics to XL and XXL printed floor graphics. Our easily removable floor sticker can be used at the office for opening, sales events, introduction or anniversary or at home for a dance, wedding and/or birthday.

Design of Floor Stickers

Your custom floor sticker can be used for advertising, art, company promo, directional, decor/decorative, educational, merchandising, marking and/or safety. For every special event (sales, anniversaries, dances, wedding, product introductions).

You can add the following creative elements to your unique DIY custom, arrows, borders, corners, neon effects, QR codes, customer rewards information, galaxies, holes, images, letters, logos, wood, patterns, footprints, a waterfall and/or a zebra crossings.

Our made-to-measure floor stickers are made of high quality class R9 certified anti-slip vinyl. Your custom floor stickers are weatherproof, anti-scratch and highly UV resistant (anti-fade). To maximise the durability and longevity of your bespoke floor sticker, you should follow the following rules. A floor sticker cannot contain anything smaller than 50mm. Lines need at least a width of 50mm. A dot (the smallest possible object) need to be at least 50×50 mm. In addition, floor graphics cannot contain shape edges (i.e., spikes, pointy lines, etc.). Edges need to be very curved, shaped like a circle, snowman, dog-paw, etc.

Installation of Floor Stickers

Application of you unique floor sticker is quick and easy. Your durable vinyl floor sticker will arrive ready for installation. Clean the mounting-surface thoroughly. Remove paint, grease and other dirt. Make sure the floor is VERY clean and dry before installation of your custom floor sticker. For the most extensive and up-to-date information about the installation of your bespoke floor sticker go here.

You can install your vinyl floor sticker on tiles, carpet, hardwood, wood and stairs.

You can install your vinyl floor sticker at your business (office, restaurant, supermarket) in and around the doorway/exit, sales-area, exhibitions, hall, etc., at home in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, garage, hall, hallway, living room, kids-playroom, gym, home office and/or nursery or at school in the hall, hallway, near the exit, during a exhibition, gym, classrooms, nurseries and/or the gymnasium.

Delivery of Floor Stickers

We can ship your custom floor stickers world-wide. To the UK, Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh), Wales, US, Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton), Nigeria, Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), Philippines, New-Zealand, India (Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata), Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, South-Africa (Johannesburg, Kaapstad), Singapore, UAE (Dubai), etc.. More information here.