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Project Description

window sticker, animals, branding, cut-to-shape

window sticker, animals, branding, cut-to-shape

Window sticker, animals, branding, cut-to-shape

Custom window stickers with your own unique design (images, products, branding, etc.). You design it yourself, quick and easy with our online designer. Add your own name, logo, patterns, design, texts, lettering, house number, family crests, etc. to your personalised window sticker. If you are looking for cut-to-shape window stickers (i.e., non-rectangular window stickers), contact us directly by email. We can supply you with both rectangular and cut-to-shape reverse window stickers. In every size and shape possible. From 1 unit to thousands.

The window stickers are weather and water resistant. The material itself blocks light (the material itself is largely opaque). This material blocks about 90% of incoming light. Thus this window film can be used to reduce heat and glare from the sun inside buildings and vehicles. In addition, it provides privacy.

Shipment will occur within 2 to 5 workdays after we receive your payment. You will receive an automated email with a track and trace code to follow your order. Shipping costs are displayed during checkout in pounds excl. VAT. For example, NL £ 3.49, UK £ 6.99, BE/DE £ 4.99.

We ship worldwide. Do NOT accept severely damaged packages.

You can pay for your order by bank transfer, credit/debit card or PayPal. We will not charge an additional fee.

Designing window stickers

Your own bespoke window stickers will perfectly fit with your business (office, shop, restaurant) and/or personal (home, nursery, etc.) needs. Make your window sticker design 1:1. Use millimeters as the measurement unit.

Measure the size of the window glass. We advise you to subtract both 10 mm from the length and 10 mm from the height of this measurement (if you intend to cover the entire window). For a good and easy fit of your own unique window sticker.

For cut-to-shape. Everything, that needs to be cut, need to consist of vectors (ideally). Nothing smaller than 3mm. Lines need at least a width of 3mm. A dot (the smallest possible object) need to be at least 3×3 mm. Minimum height of fonts need to be at least 20mm. Script fonts at least 30mm. For images/photos we advise a minimum resolution of 3×3 pixels per square millimeter (75 dpi). Or 3000×3000 pixels per square meter (1000×1000 mm). JPG/PNG files with high resolution, low compression. More design information you will find here.

Applying window stickers

Please read the general instructions first. Subsequently the product specific instructions and after these watch the instruction videos. For instructions and videos see our installation webpage.

Your window sticker will arrive in a sturdy box (pre-assembled) with a squeegee (free of charge). Ready for application, no additional work is required. After you have received your window stickers, unroll the material as soon as possible. Do NOT store the material in the box until use. Make sure to not apply window stickers in direct sunlight, make sure the temperature of the window sticker, the window itself and the surrounding air, is -ideally- around 15 to 18 degrees Celsius.

First, clean the window thoroughly. Remove paint, grease and other dirt (with a glass scraper). If any is left behind, it will always be visible! Also clean the surrounding area, like the window frame itself. If you are applying near the ceiling and/or the ground make sure they are also clean. Also be wear of flying insects. Use the free supplied squeegee and card over the application-tape/transfer-tape on the front of the window sticker to further increase the binding between the two. Use a flat surface, like a sturdy table. Apply the window sticker with the application-tape/transfer-tape to the window, position the window sticker at the preferred location.

Permanently removing window stickers

Use a heat gun (or something similar, the sun, portable infrared heater) to heat the window sticker itself during removal and you should be able to pull the vinyl and the adhesive from the window in one go. If the adhesive remains on the glass, doesn’t stick to the vinyl, you likely have to heat the vinyl to a higher temperature. More info here.