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How to apply your custom wall sticker?

Always, read our extensive general information first, before your start the application of your custom film. This information can be found here.

  • Check if walls, floors, ceilings and corners of walls are level and have the same height/width.
  • Make sure your mounting surfaces/walls are smooth and flat.
  • Thoroughly clean your surfaces/walls. Walls often contain dirt and grease from dozens of years. Especially rooms in which people have been smoking. In those rooms you may want to additionally use ammonia to extensively clean those walls/mounting surfaces.

A. How to apply sticky textile (wall murals (A))?

For more information about the installation of your bespoke wall mural (sticky textiles). See this webpage. How to install sticky textiles?

B. How to apply wall stickers (B)?

See this webpage, for more information about the installation of bespoke wall stickers.

C. How to apply wall decals (C)?

For more information about the application of wall decals. See this webpage.

Photos of Wall Stickers

Below you will find a large number of photos. Of wall murals, wall stickers and wall decals. Before and after installation. And with and with-out application-tape/transfer-tape.

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